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When we are weak, then we are strong

At the heart of every man is a warrior. The warrior inside of all of us guides our very humanity and defines how we look at the world. It causes our primordial instinct to survive, compete and win. These seeds in our hearts were planted by God, and his desire for us is that we let Him grow them into warriors for His kingdom.

But as men in the world today, we have allowed these seeds to grow and serve us IN the world. But as Christians, we are called to be NOT of this world. So what happens we when men stop competing against each other in every day for fruits of this world? What happens when we stop protecting things deep inside of us from each other because we think that men don’t do that? What happens when the weaknesses that we have become the subject of our boasting? We start to become the warriors that God has called us to be.


Guiding Men to be Warriors in Christ

Through transparency and baring their weaknesses to each other, we can begin to lay down the burdens of our past that keep us from being forged into the men we can be in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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